Never Forget

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to comment on this day. For most of us 9/11/01 is seared in our memory. We remember where we were when we heard the news or where we were when we were watching the tragedy unfold. We remember the planes strike. We remember the towers fall. We remember the crash in Pennsylvania. We remember the hit on the Pentagon. We remember the valor of the responders who sacrificed so much to save lives. Some of us may even remember the burning anger at the outrageous acts perpetrated on innocent people who began that day just like the rest of us, but never saw the end of it.

Of course we have to carry on with life. The victims would want their loved ones to do that very thing. And so we do. But there are lessons here that we should retain. There is good and evil. There are people that would destroy us. We do well to remember that.

Never forget — the victims, the heroes, their families. The children who lost a Mom and Dad. The Moms and Dads who lost a child. Live were changed irrevocably that day.

Never forget.

I won’t.


There’s a Tidal Wave Coming

Does it really require 18 pages to define a full time employee? Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner quotes Randy Johnson of the US Chamber of Congress on an even scarier statistic at the end of his piece, “Johnson said that Obama has added 11,327 new pages of federal rules and regulations.” Obamacare is a 2700 page big government tsunami waiting to hammer the US economy. Historically just about every program the government enacts ends up costing far more than anticipated and becomes bound up in red tape and inefficiency. What’s coming kind of reminds me of this guy–

O For Common Ground

Common ground seems to be harder and harder for Democrats and Republicans to find. Democrats, like Bill Clinton, will decry partisan politics, particularly those “extreme right wingers” who have hijacked the GOP. I’m not much surprised by anything Clinton says. This is a man who can spout outrage over off shore investments while maintaining three of his own. He’s a man who can simultaneously call for civility while ripping the other side. He did it while President and did it again the other night.

But what do right wingers believe that is so evil and out of touch? Let’s see. We (I can say we because I am one) believe that abortion kills a human being. In the world of the radical feminist that’s an extreme position. In sane, normal world that’s a pretty normal position as most polls show. We believe that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman. That’s a normal, historical belief. It’s not outrageous or rooted in some kind of seething hatred. We believe that it is better for people to have opportunity to make their own way in the world. Sure, there can be a safety net for people who really need some help, but government ain’t your momma and daddy. Sometimes we have to actually grow up and take responsibility. Just because you don’t want to pay for Sandra Fluke’s sex life does not mean you are at war with women.

What else? We believe that the United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of mankind, and that despite, her flaws, is a powerful light to the rest of the world. We don’t believe that a culture that believes that rape victims are worthy of stoning is quite as good as what we have in the good ol’ USA. We believe that there is, in fact, good and evil.

We believe in God — not every person who would be defined as a right winger does — but the vast majority do. We believe that the Constitution is the critical document of this Republic. It is not a living, breathing document that is subject to the whims of bizarre interpretation and magical protections. We monkey with it at our peril.

We believe that corporations that provide jobs are doing a good thing. We believe that any sane economic policy requires that you use the energy you have and not buy it from tin pot, terrorist supporting dictators. We believe that we are technologically advanced enough to protect the environment and encourage business growth. Environmental extremism has cost jobs and opportunity. We believe that, while Unions have had an important role, they have far exceeded that role and now excel in supporting graft, waste and incompetency. They are great people and workers who work for Unions, I don’t doubt that, but they are also a powerful self interest group that looks out for number one over all else, including the good of the country.

The reality is that the beliefs that conservatives hold, and much of the GOP platform, are beliefs that are rooted in an America of opportunity and hard work and are pretty standard, traditional beliefs outside of left wing circles. It’s the leftists who have pushed hard to move America to accept their beliefs. They’ve had a lot of help from Hollywood and the mainstream media. That’s why common ground is hard to find. The US is still a right of center country. We didn’t move, they did.

Who are the real extremists?

“Have you ever thought of making up a fake name? That’s what the other guys do,” she said.

This story about liberal reporters buying Obama swag is pretty funny. Line of the day —Have you ever thought of making up a fake name? That’s what the other guys do, she said. I can just see Chris Matthews walking in there and saying, “My name is Mr. Tingle and I’d sure like one of those swell T-shirts.”

This Couldn’t Have Really Happened

I know this didn’t really happen because liberals tell me that voter fraud is not real. And yet somehow, even though it is fiction, it made the news and the Justice Department actually prosecuted it. What probably happened is that he forgot to tell the local guys in the Justice Department to call Eric Holder for verification that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Woodward on Obama and Boehner

Interesting read from ABC on Obama and Boehner.

Stark For Sure

Things were very interesting at the DNC last night. Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke were wildly cheered, while God and Jerusalem suffered through some loud nays and boos. Sandra Fluke was hyperbolic and pretty silly. Bill Clinton put on an impressive display and attempted to bring Obama back to the center while demonizing Republicans. He claimed nobody could have fixed the mess Obama inherited and did some typical Clintonesque calls for cooperation. That was so familiar. Nobody could decry partisan politics better than Bill Clinton while simultaneously sticking a knife into Republicans.

Clinton hearkened to the past, but this ain’t Clinton’s economy. Clinton (and the Republican Congress) balanced the budget. They were the beneficiaries of the end of the Cold War and the dot com boom. Clinton initially tried to move left but when repudiated by the 1994 elections moved back to the center. Will Obama now follow Clinton’s lead and move to the center? I doubt it. He may make some speeches that appear that he wants to do so, but nothing in his behavior or history indicates he has the capacity to move away from his ideology.

The Republican fiscal record is spotty at best. You’ve always had a mix of true limited government types and big government spenders. Romney/ Ryan seems like a shot to move in the right direction. Obama wants to continue to push the big government answer. We think we know what we will get in Romney/ Ryan. We know what we will get in Obama. On social issues the divide between the two parties is pretty stark. The Democrats are radically pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti- Israel, and are trying to contain a simmering hostility to religion that dares to actually believe something. The GOP, while not always consistent, does maintain a pro-life, pro-family, pro-God platform. On energy, regulation and union policy the two campaigns also stand in stark contrast.

Here we sit with 16 trillion in debt, spiking gas and food prices, bad unemployment and underemployment numbers,and a shrinking workforce staring at a coming massive “free” healthcare entitlement that will be a monstrous drag on economic growth. Last week Obama said there were stark differences between the two campaigns. I can agree with him on that.